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Accessories - My last article

Of all the accessories I treat myself to, eyeglasses hold a special place. I am personally extremely difficult and slow to make a choice. After 1000 fittings of about 300 pairs, I am even more confused than at the beginning. But I always end up finding the perfect pair.

And I present you the nugget I found only a few days ago in a small store in NYC.

    The iconic matte red

    Make-up - My last article

    It goes out in the evening but we meet it more and more during the day. The matte red invites itself in all the occasions and personally, I am the first to use it in a big way!

    To go to work, shopping and of course during my night out, I dare the red. It goes perfectly with white, gold, black, jeans ... It is often the star of my looks.

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